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All dogs are required to be up to date on vaccinations. These include Rabies, DHPPL, Bordetella. Bordetella must be updated every 6 months.

Rabies (offered 1yr or 3 yr vaccine)

Rabies is..

Rabies is a viral disease that causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in warm-blooded animals.

Rabies is a virus that in the U.S. is usually transmitted by a bite from a wild infected animal, such as a bat, raccoon, skunk, or fox. If a bite from a rabid animal goes untreated and rabies develops, it is almost always fatal.

DHPPL (offered 1yr or 3 yr vaccine)

DHPPL is..

DHPPL is a combination of five vaccines: distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and Lepto. It's given to puppies in a series of three or four vaccines and then given every one to three years to adult dogs. Along with rabies, DHPPL is considered a set of core vaccines: those universally recommended for puppies no matter what their circumstance.

Bordetella (Offered 1 yr vaccine)

Bordetella must be updated every 6 months to be safe. Your veterinarian will give you a 1 year vaccine. However if you take your dog to the dog park, groomer, vet, board your dog, or even take them to a friends house who has another dog etc. Any place where your dog will be in contact with another dog you must get bordetella updated every 6 months. It has been shown from research and also talking with different vets that the Bordetella vaccine starts to lose its effectiveness around 6 months and declines as each month passes.

I recommend your dog be on a flea preventative such as Frontline Plus.

Also recommend your dog be on a heartworm preventative such as Heartgard Plus. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. If your dog contracts heartworm the treatment is expensive and a long process that can be fatal in some cases. You can get a heartworm test done at your vet for around $20. Do Not give your dog heartworm medicine without getting the test done first as it can cause more damage if your dog does already have it.

Please consult your vet for further questions.

Your dog must be friendly with people and other dogs. If your dog is shy that's okay. Just no aggressive dogs please.

Puppies are welcome. They must be UTD on all rounds of vaccines which is typically at 16 - 18 weeks.

I can NOT accept female dogs that are in heat or going to be in heat during their stay.

To give your dog the proper care and attention space is limited as I typically won't board more the 6 dogs at a time excluding mine.


Please fill out the Quote questionnaire below and I'll get back to you with pricing information and a quote.

Please try to book at least a week in advance. For Holidays I recommend booking as soon as possible. I'm sorry to say I do Not offer doggie day care.

Extended Stays are available. Some fur-kids have stayed months at Happy Tails

My prices are competitive/affordable..

My Rates are comparable to commercial boarding facilities base rate and the care / knowledge FAR exceeds any boarding facility. At Happy Tails your fur-kid gets 24/7 care.

I offer discounts on multiple dogs by 25%!


I also offer 10% discount if your fur-kid will be staying for longer the 14 days. 

Other Rates:

Holidays pricing goes up 50% for the first dog and the second dog becomes regular price. These include the surrounding days of Memorial Day weekend, 4th July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Please book in advance for the holidays as I fill up fast.

I do offer the Happy Tails Taxi to Pick up and Drop off your fur-kid for you. This is FREE of charge if you live within 15 miles from me. I do have clients as far away as Dallas, if you're more than 15 miles away I charge a reasonable fee of $30 round trip to pick up and drop off for you.

Also offer to bathe your dog on the day they go home (usually a hour beforehand so they are nice and clean/dry) for a fee.


Under 30lbs $20

Above 30lbs $40

If you would like their nails cut as well add $10 

I understand you wanting to pick up your pup as soon as you land or perhaps you have a early flight and don't want to drop him the night before but yet have him sleep in bed with you one more night before going out of town.. That's okay. Your not subject to your getting dog in a "two hour window" like most places. Your more then welcome to do so out of these times but a fee applies.

Drop off and pick up hours are 10am-8pm. (This is my home so by appointment, meaning let me know when to expect you)

8am-10am or 8pm-10pm is a $20 fee.

Anytime between 10pm and 8am is a $50 fee.


If you would like to get a QUOTE to book your dog please click on the link and fill out the Quote Questionnaire below and I'll get back to you shortly

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